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GUP 104 L Crystal pet urn large

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"Bohemian crystal" is a concept worldwide. This rating is given to glass with such a high lead content that it has the ability to shine like a diamond. The Memory Crystal urns are no exception. In 1999, the range of memorial products was quite limited and very conservative. And while much has changed since those early years, even more has remained the same. For example, Memory Crystal still designs each urn themselves and all products are individually hand-blown by one of their glassmakers.
Ancient "craftsmanship", which to this day is still regarded as a special and difficult technique to master. The production methods of no less than six different crafts in total come together in the urns. As a result, each urn has its own specific, unique details, without deviating from the basic model. “But above all, we make our urns from the heart, and that is exactly what makes the difference.”
By combining a container for cremated remains with a candle holder you will be able to commemorate your beloved pet in a discrete way. An eternal flame as a symbol of remembrance. The urns are provided with a stainless-steel stopper, which give the product an extra elegant look.
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Capacity 2.50 Litre
Height 18.0 Centimetres
Width 17.0 Centimetres
Depth 17.0 Centimetres
Weight 0.9 Kilogram
Colour Burgundy
Finishing Glossy
Suitable for Indoor
Duo product No
Customisable Yes
Accessoiries None