A new way to remember

Funeral Projects offers modern, innovative and personalised solutions for the design of a memorial site. Because all the offered projects and products feature a modular base, the possibilities are endless. During consultation, your wishes and preferences will be ascertained. Resulting in a distinctive and individual design, tailor-made for your site. No matter how big or small it may be.

Visual Memories

A picture is worth a thousand words and although the image of our loved one is etched into our heart; it is the photographs that keeps the memories alive. Visual Memories brings the stories and memories of these images to life. Using a unique, patented technique, a composed, high-quality image of a loved one can be embedded on a metal memorial plaque. The end result is a completely unique and personalised commemorative plaque.

Lotus flower

The lotus flower symbolises not only purity, but also life itself. This philosophy has been translated into a special, personalised memorial monument. The flower is a work of art in its own right. The lotus flowers are available in various vibrant colours. Because the different colours of the outer leaves, the inner leaves and the calyx can be combined, the possibilities are almost endless. This makes each composite flower a personal and unique piece of art, with its own colour palette of memories and emotions..

Memory Wall

Discover the contemporary version of the traditional urn wall, also known as the ‘Memory Wall’. The columbarium concept has been redesigned, offering many extra possibilities and opportunities. The Memory Wall is fully configurable and can be specially tailored, including any desired curves. This allows any available space to be arranged as efficiently as possible, no matter how large or small, for both indoor and outdoor settings.

A memorial site with possibilities

The Funeral Projects monuments give the funeral specialist new possibilities for the (re)design of a memorial site. The mentioned monuments are installed using the Connect system. This makes  the products completely modular. As a result, the monuments are easily interchangeable and can be easily transferred to another location if necessary or desired. This gives the funeral director not only the opportunity to sell a commemorative monument, but also the freedom to potentially rent it out.