Besides our 'five pillars', the Global Products Group also supports, on a modest level, additional initiatives:

Business friend KWF Cancer Society

As part of the Global Products Group, Funeral Products is a Business Friend of KWF Cancer Relief. With our contribution, we support scientific research and help scientists take a step toward even more knowledge, new successes and better treatments. Moreover, by doing so, we are making a strong case for a better quality of life for people with and after this terrible disease.



Article 25 foundation

Article 25 foundation was born out of love and need for people living with dementia. The foundation’s mission is to create global awareness for people with dementia, to see and treat them as equal human beings and to provide them with a good standard of living.



Salvation Army

The Salvation Army gives lonely people a place where they are welcomed with open arms. Vulnerable people who may live just down the street from you. Hans, for example (59). He lost his job in IT due to depression, and eventually he was left without a home as well. After a long road, he finally gets his life back on track. He now works as a volunteer at the community centre in Rotterdam and feels happier than ever.