Innovating together

Continuous improvement is at the core of our organisation. Therefore, we are constantly looking at what can be done better, faster and more sustainably. Which (business) processes can we implement more efficiently? With the same (or even fewer) resources, how can we get more done? And how do we ensure that working with the Global Products Group is a pleasure? Working smarter increases productivity and our performance, serves our clients even better, and creates more job satisfaction and commitment among our staff.

We also use this mindset within our own network. Thus, together with our suppliers and customers, we are constantly looking for new products, techniques, materials, solutions and opportunities. Standing still is simply going backwards. By continuing to invest in ideas and processes, we can develop continuously, with gains in all areas.

Honesty as a basis

Corporate sustainability is expressed in various ways within the Global Products Group. Within the walls of the factories, but especially out there too. From the choice of raw materials and the use of new energy, through safe and fair production processes to the supply of bio-based products.

Moreover, by working only on the basis of long term relationships, we build a relationship of trust within our network. And we also expect the same commitment and quality from our suppliers and subcontractors. For example, our Code of Conduct is not a nice-to-have, but a must, and acting in accordance with the Modern Slavery Statement is something we take for granted. We personally ensure that our products are not only of high-quality product wise but also produced under safe and fair conditions. And all this, of course, chain-wide.

A better world

As Global Products Group, we take our responsibility. And that goes beyond just our core business. After all, we have the people, resources and capabilities to make great things possible. From supporting small local initiatives to lending a warm heart to national and even global social initiatives.

Financially, of course, but also with the deployment of support services and media coverage, for example. Moreover, because we have built up a broad network over all the years of our existence, we also see it as our task to successfully connect people, projects and initiatives. For example, our accountant works on a non-profit basis for several foundations that we have associated with our company. And a number of our freelancers are working selflessly to promote those same charities.