What started as a refreshing swim on a sunny summer day in Albufeira, ended all alone and in a blind panic in the ICU of a hospital in a complete strange country. It happened to Jaap Bressers. Just 21 years old and a bright future ahead. A future that was ruined with one crack of his neck. A high spinal cord injury was the diagnosis and Jaap became paralysed from the chest down.

What does that have to do with the Carlos moments foundation? “’Practically everything’,” Jaap adds. “Because then suddenly during the night shift and my umpteenth panic attack, there was Brother Carlos. He assessed the situation well, walked over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘It’s okay’. That moment changed my life, and gave me just that push I needed to realise I was still alive.”

There is a Carlos in everyone

Ten years later, Jaap dares to call his lifesaver and thank him. For Carlos, it was just his job, but only then did he realise that that ‘simple gesture’ was vital for Jaap. And with that, Carlos moments became a reality. A foundation dedicated to
making a big difference with small gestures, and the great thing is that anyone can do it! Simple and in your own way, because there is a brother Carlos in every person.

What exactly do Jaap and his foundation do?

What don’t they do, is better to ask. Thus, Jaap is now a much sought-after speaker and inspirer. He has set up an inspiration network for entrepreneurs, developed happiness lessons for primary schools and has two successful books to his name, part of the proceeds of which are used to plant trees. He gives away holidays at the Carlos House to those in need and puts heartwarming people in the bright sunshine with flowers and a real care award. He also encourages people to simply make a difference to another person themselves. By sharing wonderful examples through his self-developed special happiness app. Here people share and inspire each other to simple valuable actions. This is how the impact continues to grow.










Doing good multiplies

Superheroes, an app and chilling. Just three examples of happy moments shared on his platform and multiplying. For example, on a sweltering day, Mieke treated the postman to a pink popsicle. Fleur sent an app to a classmate who had lost his grandfather to wish him strength, and window washers now wash the windows of the children’s hospital in Utrecht dressed as superheroes, resulting in plenty of happy little faces. Doing good is not that difficult and a small gesture brings much joy. When you consider that negative things require three times more attention than positive ones, you know what to do!

How can you support Carlos moments?

Although the foundation is not-for-profit, it does have big ambitions and any contribution to that end is more than welcome. All proceeds go to the foundation, and lists the possibilities. So be sure to check out the site and find all the information you are looking for.

In addition, what you can also do is give your neighbour, mother, aunt, dentist or postman a happy moment or just simply smile. And be sure to download the free happiness app for the necessary dose of positivity in your life.