Sustainable Development Goals

Want to know what we have already accomplished and what we still want to achieve? Below you will find a detailed explanation of our results and objectives and you can find out how Funeral Products contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals to improve the world

During the certification process of the CSR Performance Ladder we were, amongst other things, evaluated on 31 different CSR themes, ranging from child labor and corruption to transport and energy use. These themes are also linked to the globally well-known Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) of the United Nations. This set of 17 global objectives, collectively kniw as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, aims to create a more inclusive, righteous and sustainable future for everyone. These goals are created by all 196 countries that are affiliated with the United Nations. On the basis of global input from both organisations and citizens, these objectives provide a global compass to tackle social, economoc and environmental challenges.

Concrete targets

To make each goal even more concrete and insightful, behind the SDGs are 169 so-called targets. This makes it immediately clear to the Global Products Group what contribution the company is making to the various SDGs. Thanks to the CSR Performance Ladder, we have tools to concretise and systematically manage our sustainable developments, corporate social responsibility and related objectives.

In this way we as the Global Products Group can take our responsibility, creating added value and play our part in realising a better world. A world free from discrimination and injustice, and where people live consciously with consideration for humanity, animals and nature. En hopelijk tot het inspireren van anderen om hetzelfde te doen, within their own space and resources of course. So that together we can successfully expand the proverbial oil slick and make the world just a little bit better, healthier, more beautiful and sustainable.

Want to know more on what you can do? For more information on the Sustainable Development Goals you can visit the website of the United Nations.