Pioneers in memorial jewellery

Atlantis Memorials has been an established name as a designer and manufacturer of wedding rings since 1980. After persistent requests from relatives to make memories tangible, the Dutch company was one of the first to enter the market for memorial jewellery in 2000. With subtly designed ashes chambers, a symbolic amount of ashes could be carried inconspicuously. Now, some fourty years later, the perfect finish with an eye for design and details is still central.

The memorial jewellery are made by hand by the best goldsmiths. Varying from ash jewellery and fingerprint jewellery to ash beads and rings, but always pure craftsmanship and using first-class materials. All memorial jewellery is cast in precious metal, making it robust and heavy. All this in a contemporary and timeless design, with attention and care, so that relatives can carry their beautiful memories with them for as long as possible.

The design of Atlantis Memorials jewellery is both modern and timeless. With every desgin, the right balance is sought between emotional experience ad aesthetics. All memorial jewellery is made by hand. These are cast, making them more robust and heavier. The production process consists of several consecutive steps that are each completed with extensive quality control. The high quality ensures thath the jewellery can be worn daily.