What is the CSR Performance Ladder?

The CSR Performance Ladder is a certification standard that objectively demonstrates the performance of Corporate Social Responsibility. The standard enables continuous development of 31 CSR themes through a management system and in consultation with stakeholders. The certificate solidifies sustainable developments and corporate social responsibility.

The CSR Performance Ladder is inspired by internationally accepted documents, such as ISO 26000, ISO 9001:2015, AA1000 and the Global Report Initiative (GRI). For example, an ISO 26000 has no management system, making it unsuitable for certification. As a management system with its requirements and certification standard, the CSR Performance Ladder is indeed suitable and serves as a certification for this kind of similar standard.

Funeral Products, alongside Atlantis Memorials and Funeral Projects, is part of the holding company ‘the Global Products Group’. This structure has existed since day one of Funeral Products’ activities in the market. A structure that had been deliberately chosen at the time. In this manner, the affiliated companies retain their own identity but are guided by the same company values and policies..

Step by step

To achieve certification, Global Products Group had to evaluate its CSR performance and the effectiveness of its CSR management system. This needed to be done through an audit by an independent, objective party, for which DNV was engaged.

This independent risk management service provider is the world’s leading certification body in risk management and quality assurance. The choice of this strong, international institution was a deliberate one. Not the easiest path perhaps, but the one with the most results.


'We are proud to announce that Global Products Group has achieved its CSR Performance Ladder certification in line with the requirements of performance level 3.'


What makes us especially proud is the fact that we are directly certified at level 3. The entry level to an initial certification is typically level 1 or 2. But because both ourselves and our partners already had several things in place, we were able to achieve Level 3 certification immediately.

This certificate (no. C588645) is valid for 3 years. Within these 3 years, we will deploy further development towards certification at performance level 4. You can find the CSR certificate right here.

What does this mean? This means that your collaborations with Funeral Products, Funeral Projects and Atlantis Memorials will take place in a sustainable manner. This allows you to remain fully focused on helping and supporting the family.

During the CSR Performance Ladder certification process, we were evaluated on 31 different CSR themes, ranging from child labour and corruption to transport and energy consumption. And through an audit, independently tested by certification agency DNV. These themes are also linked to the globally recognised Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, making the certification internationally recognised as well!

Thanks to the CSR Performance Ladder, we have tools to concretise and systematically manage our  Sustainable developments, corporate social responsibility and related objectives. What have we achieved, and what do we want to accomplish? Click here for more information.