VIPE (Dutch initials for 'To Each Their Own’) collects high-quality used wigs, shampoos them, and donates them FREE OF CHARGE to people who need them. This means that a good product is reused, former patients can get emotional closure on a stage of their illness because their wig will be put to very good use, and other patients get a high-quality wig.

VIPE came about due to the demand for good quality wigs available to all. By shampooing and conditioning wigs that have been used and are in good condition (VIPE wig cleaning treatment meets all RABC hygiene and microbiology requirements), we meet this demand. Good wigs are expensive, being ill is expensive and for an increasing number of people, access to a high-quality health product (such as a wig) is increasingly difficult.

VIPE is a highly active, sustainable social foundation which works exclusively with volunteers, building links between people and organisations who are motivated by the same principles of social sustainability. The outcome is excellent co-creation, such as the WOW! projects.

For more information about the foundation, its administrators, Identification Committee etc., please click here.