Cancer affects all of us. One in three Dutch people will suffer this illness at some point in their lives, with over 100,000 new cancer patients each year. Each year some 43,000 individuals die of cancer, making this disease the most widespread cause of death in The Netherlands.

Together we are reaching our goals

Funeral Products BV shares the dream of millions of people: a world where cancer is no longer a fatal disease. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this dream could become a reality? Funeral Products is playing its part as a Corporate Friend of the DCS Association. Through this collaboration, scientists and researchers will be able to continue making progress in obtaining new knowledge and creating new successful treatments, bringing us closer to the day when we finally beat cancer once and for all!

Corporate Friend of 'Dutch Cancer Society' Association

As a Corporate Friend, Funeral Products contributes to combating cancer by investing in the best researchers and specialists in the field. We enable cancer patients to feel that they are being supported in their immediate environment, and we also encourage professionals, customers and business partners to get involved in tackling cancer. 

Further information

Would you like to find out more about Corporate Friends or cancer research? Visit the Dutch Cancer Society website.