The way in which friends and family want to remember their loved ones changes constantly, becoming ever more personal and exclusive. They are looking for a remembrance that reflects on a loved one’s personality, but also one which cherishes the special memories of the familiy. Funeral Products helps the next of kin in their search for a lasting memory.

Moving forward together

By investing in new ideas and processes, we are able to develop our products and services. In addition to fashioning premium-quality products and new items, we advise our colleagues and partners on displaying their collections and all related services.

Responsible management

The aspects of responsible management can be found in different levels of our company. Creating and consolidating long-term relationships means that we can keep our promises and therefore create added value for all parties involved.

Fair trade as motivation

Together with our partners, we protect the local manufacturing environments. Because all our memorial products are manufactured under prime conditions, Funeral Products guarantees not only premium quality but a sustainable production as well.


We work closely with our partners to find new techniques and opportunities for fulfilling the desires of the next of kin. The result is an extensive, modern variety of products, using special materials and designs. In addition to traditional products we also offer various novelties for making the memory precious and personal. Examples are our ceramic urns with LED lights, the “My Feelings” urn, on which a message can be written, and the ecological urns which resembles the “circle of life”.

Innovation doesn’t stop with our products; it also extends to our operating procedures. Our experience and knowhow make us more than just suppliers, we also offer our customers thoughtful advice.

Only the best

Quality is a fundamental requirement at Funeral Products. Thanks to the powerful longterm relationships we have established with our suppliers, we can continuously improve and optimise the materials and finishes of our products. This is reflected right down to the tiniest details in our collection.



In The Netherlands we work closely with a number of ceramists, amongst them Geert Kunen. This artist has been creating ceramic artefacts for over 40 years and has a peerless expertise of this material. He moulds his urns by hand from premium-quality clay and, during firing, he applies a layer of liquid bronze which bonds to the ceramic substrate.

The exclusive details and elaborate symbolism mean that Geert’s creations are not immediately identifiable as urns, but rather as pieces of art.

The contemporary shapes and unique bronze colour make each of Geert’s urns a work of art which complements any kind of interior décor, whilst at the same time being a expressive memento.





Corporate responsibility is reflected on various levels in our company, among them products, packaging, transport, employees and partners. A significant proportion of our products are manufactured from nonpollutant, natural raw materials. Environmental awareness also plays a significant role in our operating procedures: for example, we re-use packaging materials and combine orders for delivery to minimise vehicle use.

Building bridges

Through our long-standing business relationships, we have built up a solid reputation and bond of trust with our suppliers. We choose our manufacturers, based on our company standards: premium-quality products, manufactured responsibly. By regularly visiting the production sites and staying in touch with our manufacturers, we are able to monitor the standards and authenticate the products by certification, thus offering a warrantee to our customers, starting from the raw materials to the delivery to the next of kin.


Each of our memorial items is professionally made with care and attention down to each and every detail. Because we hold certifications, we establish, together with our manufacturers, fair working conditions and fair products.

In order to guarantee high quality and a proper finish, all products are subject to a manual quality check on various aspects. We also perform systematic controls on different components of the production process. Our exclusive models are safeguarded by patents to ensure their quality and the creativity of our suppliers alike

To guarantee the quality and reliability of our products and services, all memorial items offered by Funeral Products have a certificate of authenticity and integrity.


The passion and dedication of our suppliers is reflected in the product design and precise finish. We support this by treating the production environment in a transparent and respectful manner.

Our desire for fair trade, enables our suppliers to continue developing their products and in this way we promote corporate responsible management along the entire chain.


Our working method is based on the principles of fair trade. As proof of this commitment, we have signed agreements with our suppliers and obtained certifications for fair working conditions and child free labour in their manufacturing process. This ensures the continuous development of our manufacturers and, above all, stimulates the standard of living of their employees.