Crafting jewellery is a skilled profession that requires years of experience, patience and attention to detail. The owners of the workshop are aware of the high level of craftmanship needed and therefore cherish their employees. As an amends, the company ensures good working conditions for their workers. Some of these conditions are that the working days at the workshop are no longer than 8 hours, premises are properly lit and fitted with air-conditioning and that the wages employees receive are above the national average. In addition, the owners make sure that the workers have various options during their breaks to relax, with amongst them the much-loved table tennis matches.

Together with Funeral Products and Atlantis Memorials, the owners of jewellery workshop support various local and national initiatives, focusing on improvements in primary education and living conditions. One of the examples is the Thai Child Development Foundation, an organisation committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Thailand. For more information about this initiative, please visit their website: