A work of art




All the crystal urns in our collection are fashioned from finest quality Bohemian crystal. Given that these models are of hand-blown glass, each one has its own unique pattern of colours. Each urn is a work of art in its own right.

All our crystal urns are hand-blown and although each model is manufactured in a specific way, the basis is the same for all models. The first step is to attach a bubble of molten glass to a glassblowing pipe, and then to apply various layers of coloured glass. Following on, the required decorations and designs are applied. Then the urn is bathed in molten glass again, the final step for coating the urn in a layer of clear glass which gives it a glossy finish. Each one of these urns is entirely handmade. The cane and wooden mould are used to ensure that each one is identical in terms of shape and volume; what distinguishes them from each other is the finish and decoration, such as leaves or flowers, which makes each urn a unique piece.


"Thanks to craft, presion and delicate details each urn is a work of art in its own right."