Handcrafted with love




The Funeral Products’ LoveUrns® collection comprises urns manufactured in brass and other high-quality metals. This high quality is the fruit of years of experience and designer passion. The LoveUrns® collection also offers a Premium Line of urns characterised by their unique shape and/or particular finish.

Manufacturing a LoveUrn® urn begins with making the mould or folding the metal on a rapid rotation mould. The mould is like a sand formwork in which the die is pressed.

The molten metal is then poured into this hollow. Once the metal has set, the sand is removed with a brush and the raw bodies of the urns are sent to the workshop where manufacturing continues.

The main body is carefully polished, and figures and lines applied with a hammer and chisel. For some urns, this process takes place after the urn has been painted. Once painted, the extruded urn is placed in a drying oven, and then polished once again. A second coat of paint is applied, the urn is given a final polish and it is ready.


"The quality of the LoveUrns® collection is a combination of experience and passion of the creators."