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My name is Harmen van Doorn and I am the founder of Pay It Forward World. Pay it Forward means 'Do good and invite 3 others to do the same'. It gives a special feeling to do good. Therefore the PIF philosophy creates a movement of people that do good around the world. And everyone can join, you too. Should you want to join, it is the PIF crowd sourcing platform that gives you the tools to change the world your way. And you is you. You can be a pretty cool 16 year old, or you can be that bit more traditional styled manager of a big retail store. It does not matter, what matter is that you want to change the world your way.

Therefore we are very happy that Funeral Products believes that their business is an engine of positive change. Funeral Products plays it forward and focusses on the realisation of responsible projects in the area of education, health, emergency relief and entrepreneurship. It is a process that will never be finished and concerns dialogue and partnership with all their stakeholders. It is their mission to do good for the world – by everything they do. I would like to invite you to join them. Please have a look at the projects over here. It would be great if you join, as we can only create a better world together.

Warm regards,

Harmen van Doorn
Founder PIF World






TETO collects pre-used, high quality wigs. We meticulously clean and remodel them in order to make them available again in society for those in need. They will be able to receive a good quality product that has been lovingly attended to with careful craftsmanship. Now those folks who have needed to use wigs during their time of illness will be able to find some further emotional closure by donating them to TETO. In this way we will ensure that an affordable and reliable wig will find its way to another in need.

TETO is a social start-up foundation, working only with volunteers, with the primary goal of making a positive social impact. Money is recognized as only one of the means to accomplish that. We thrive on making the right connections with companies and people who resonate with our overall goal: creating a more sustainable and prosperous future. We are open to others contributing to TETO in their own unique way; bringing their special qualities, time and other means. All are, and can be, TETO.

TETO stands for ‘To Each Their Own’. To Each Their Own because every person is entitled to his or her personal preferences and tastes.

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