When seeing the The Portrait Urn you will think it’s any ordinary urn but when taking a closer look at the shadow of the urn you will discover that you are looking at the silhouette of your loved one.

This innovative design, created by artist Nadia Gonegaï, can only be bought through Funeral Products. “Every human being, every life, is unique. And at the end only a suitable and personal urn is fitting”, says Gonegaï. “Nothing is as personal as a face. Only a brief glance at someone’s facial profile is often enough to unmistakably recognise the person in question”.

The Portrait Urn is another innovative urn amongst our current range, which will give you that extra personal touch. It’s the well known face of your loved one who deserves a warm spot inside the house. If sunlight or the light of a candle falls onto the Portrait Urns, it adds an extra dimension and the urn becomes more alive. “The shadow reveals the outlines of the face. That way the deceased person always remains close to his or her relatives”.

The Portrait Urn is about 25 to 30 centimetres high and can be made with a single profile picture of the deceased person. If such a picture isn’t available, it is also possible to reconstruct the silhouette of the face by using multiple pictures from different angles.

The Portrait Urn is unique and made on demand therefore production and delivery time will take longer.